10 Tips to INSTANTLY Calm ANY Cat


2) Don’t Stare – Occasionally look

Never stare at a cat that’s feeling stressed and anxious. This feeds nicely into the last point. check out them, yes, but don’t stare at them. If they’re watching you, by all means, check out them, but do occasionally look. Keep everything controlled and slow, with no sudden movements.
What this is often demonstrating to your cat is that your focus isn’t directly on them, you’re showing them that you simply aren’t considering attacking them and you aren’t particularly interested.

3) Yawning When watching Your Cat

If an aggressive cat is staring-down another cat, you’ll never see it yawn. By performing this ahead of your cat (I bet you’re yawning immediately, just brooding about it) you’ll be demonstrating your lack of threat.

Watch your cat’s reaction once you do that. they’re going to focus entirely on you as you are doing it and mix this with a slow-blink and infrequently looking away. By yawning, your eyes will shut as you are doing it, which can only help your cause. Try to not make a bang like some people do once they yawn!

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