15 Signs That Your Cat Might Be Stressed


Though we are a Maine Coon site, stress could even be a big issue for any cat which is why this text isn’t specific to our featured breed.
Just like us, cats can experience feelings of stress which may cause them to suffer severe internal turmoil. As owners, we should always learn to acknowledge the signs then alleviate the underlying cause, especially if the cause could also be a health issue. If a cat suffers from stress for any length of your time it can have a significant effect on its overall health and wellbeing.
Cats are quite good at masking stress and a few of the clues are quite subtle. So here are 14 signs that your cat could be stressed for you to
observe out for and influence, especially if they manifest suddenly.

1. Spraying or Eliminating Outside of The Litter Box

Stressed cats are known to avoid using their litter boxes. So if your cat who usually uses the box all of the time suddenly goes elsewhere then stress could preferably be the cause.
Spraying or urinating around your house is a sure sign that each one isn’t well. If your cat hasn’t been neutered or spayed this could be the time to talk to your vet about having ‘the operation’. However, if your cat has already been fixed there will be another explanation for this unsociable habit.
It may be feeling the urge to mark its territory because it’s noticed a weird cat through a window but on some occasions, it’s getting to have developed a UTI (urinary tract infection). So if it becomes quite a one-off occurrence, be careful with a visiting feline and also visit your vet for a check-up.
If your cat begins to defecate outside of its litter box this might be for a spread of reasons. during a multi-cat household, another cat using the box first can put the second cat off using it. Or it might be your cat is struggling to enter the box thanks to adulthood or an injury, or doesn’t just like the position of the box. If you’ve recently moved it, move it back or try a special new position if necessary.
Keeping the Litter box as clean as possible help. Having a minimum of two litter boxes during a multi-cat household is additionally an honest idea. If you’re not a lover of litter boxes and don’t relish the thought of getting quite one in your home, try a hidden one like this.

2. Hiding

Cats do love a quiet spot out of sight sometimes but if your cat is suddenly hiding tons more and doesn’t emerge once you plan to coax it out, stress might be a major factor. If you’ve recently introduced a replacement pet into the household this could be the cause. Sometimes older cats hide thanks to an imagined danger brought on by the onset of Feline Cognitive Dysfunction (FCD). If the hiding carries on for quite at some point, you need to take your cat to the vet for an examination.

3. Excessive Grooming

Most cats groom themselves a few times every day but to not the aim that they remove excessive amounts of fur. If your cat seems to be grooming non-stop and particularly if bald spots start appearing then something is perhaps getting to be causing it to feel stressed.
Sometimes it’s a replacement pet that’s causing your cat to experience feelings of insecurity and you will get to work on settling your existing cat. do that as soon as possible as your cat could get into an excessive grooming habit that’s had to interrupt. Your cat could even have a medical condition causing a skin irritation so a visit to the vets could even be necessary.

4. Excessive Shedding

If you notice tons more of your cat’s fur shedding than you’d expect for the time of year, stress could certainly be a contributing factor. Consider if something in your cat’s environment is causing it to stress and inspect to eliminate this trigger. Excessive shedding also can be caused by poor diet, an infection or an allergy so it’s advisable to hunt the opinion of your vet.

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