15 Signs That Your Cat Might Be Stressed


5. Change in Sleeping Habits

Cats can quite happily sleep for up to 18 hours a day. this is often commonplace behavior.
If your cat suddenly starts to sleep much more than usual, it might be a victim of stress. Loneliness and tedium could be the cause so attempt to play with and interact together with your cat tons more to alleviate these feelings. Provide it with many toys and scratching posts to complement its environment. I like this ultimate PetFusion scratching lounger.
It has almost 6,0000 5-star reviews, looks stylish and is of great value for money. you’ll even by a couple of and wall mount them to form a fun climbing and scratching wall that any cat would love. I play and interaction doesn’t change your cat’s lazy habits, take a visit to the vets for a checkup.
If your cat is sleeping noticeably but usual, this is often also a stress signal. Restlessness and thus the lack to relax mean something could be worrying your cat.

6. Decreased Appetite or Loss of Appetite

It is worrying when cats stop eating because they will dehydrate so quickly thanks to the very fact that they get tons of their fluids from their food (assuming they aren’t on a dry–food-only diet). a bit like we lose out appetites once we feel nervous about an exam or a driving test, cats can lose theirs once they feel stressed.
So if you notice your cat is barely eating or stops eating altogether ask yourself if anything in its environment might be making it feel stressed and check out to eliminate the matter. This isn’t always easy, especially if the cause may be a new household pet.

7. General Lethargy

If your cat becomes unusually lazy and reluctant to play or move that much, then stress might be the culprit. Lethargy could also be a common stress symptom and tedium may be the difficulty. Again, an enriched environment and play is the key to curing this sort of stress. this easy Cat Dancer is one among the simplest toys for any cat. it’s thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers and is superb value for money.

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