It angers me the most when I see stupid articles and clicked on them such as “Lovely things that cats do with frightfully bad explanations”. Seriously, it’s a real article. And that’s bullshit. Bullshit, I say!

Let’s be real. Our cats love us. They worship the ground on which we walk. They spend hours looking at our faces, trying to decode our expressions. So it only seems right that we should do the same.

What’s going on in our cats’ little brains? Popular culture likes to joke that cats look at their owners with narrow eyes full of murder, but is that really the case?

For the uninitiated, cats may seem distant and coldly practical. But cat owners know the truth. Cats love their people desperately, pathetically.

Don’t believe me?

Oh, let us count the paths…

Sign No. 1: narrowed eyes

… Now, look at you! The most commonly cited sign of a kitten’s suspected homicidal tendencies is actually a sign of affection.

Cats are natural predators and retain almost all their primary instincts. In nature, vigilance is the key to a cat’s survival. Just look at the cat’s ears – always alert ( even in sleep) to look for ambush or prey sounds.

The same is true for their eyes: enlarged eyes and dilated pupils indicate alertness, caution or aggressiveness. Conversely, narrowed eyes are actually a sign of relaxation, confidence and affection.

A cat that folds its eyes lowers its defenses, shows vulnerability and expresses its confidence. And for cats, vulnerability is the ultimate sign of love. This is the root of the famous “tiny slow blinking” and the reason why it is considered such an intimate sign of cat affection.

Thus, while the narrowing of the human eyes may well indicate imminent murder, the same assumptions do not apply to our fur turkeys.

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