Sign No. 2: The Bonk head / Face Scrub

Okay, a headman is not very subtle, but he is a little misunderstood. In general, you don’t think that the impulse is a loving gesture, but good. Apparently, cats live in opposite lands.

The head circumference is usually followed by a rubbing on your face, where a cat rubs its cheeks enthusiastically on you. Why? Why? Its fragrance will leave its mark on you!

Some people claim that this behaviour is possessive and dominant – as if the cat identified you as his property. “How sinister!” They shouted. “How incredibly vindictive!”

Not if.

Think about it this way: cats do their best to familiarize themselves with all the nooks and crannies of their territory. No corners remain unexplored or unmarked. A cheek swab effectively establishes each part of the house as safe, familiar and “known”.

Try to bring a new piece of furniture. Soon, your cats will be hurrying to rub their faces. They are eager to “neutralize” this foreign object (once they have carefully inspected it) as a non-threatening addition to their space. So when your cat rubs you (for the nth time), he reassures himself, and you, everything is fine. Everything is sauce. You are their home.

Sign No. 3: Exposed belly

Another sign of extreme trust. Although not an openly affectionate gesture, a cat that exposes her tender belly, which shelters all her vital organs, displays incredible vulnerability.

Now, it’s usually not an invitation for a belly massage. Cats are not peoples. They are not dogs either. Remember, we are in an opposite country here. If you rush for their exposed bellies, you will probably violate all the trust they have placed in you to NOT push their tender guts. Some cats develop stomach aches, but in most cases, confidence in the massifs must be gradually increased over time.

But the fact remains: exposed belly = vulnerability.

And vulnerability = trust / love. ( Cat Maths)

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