Isolation for long periods


As mentioned earlier, cats have strong personalities. One of the signs that the cat may be having adaptation problems is to isolate itself for long periods. This happens because cats feel threatened.


Cat owners usually know that cats can show different behaviors, especially when there is more than one in the same home. However, because cats see their guardians as similar, there may be something wrong if they begin to show signs of aggression. It is important to note that aggression can also be associated with signs of pain. If the animal is in pain, it may react aggressively and attack the guardian. In this case, it is important to consult a veterinarian to analyze the reason for the discomfort of the kitty.

The arrival of new animals

The arrival of new animals at home is another factor that may cause changes in the adaptation of cats. As they are territorial animals, they may become fearful and even show signs of aggressiveness when introduced to new companions. The adaptation of cats to other animals is a process that requires patience and care by the guardians because the arrival of a new member is responsible for causing a radical change in the kitty’s routine.

How to deal with the adaptation of cats

As we have seen, some simple changes can cause felines to adapt poorly to their routines. However, some changes can have a major impact on the cats’ routine and make them feel lonely, such as a change in the working hours of one of the family members, for example. But if you’re wondering how to make cats adapt to the situations described above, some ways can help your companion turn this situation around and get used to the routine. Open next page to continue reading




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