Getting a Kitten or Cat from Your Friend or Neighbor


Refer to the previous section on “Online and Newspaper Ads” because the same dos and don’ts apply. They may be fabulous gardeners or conscientious neighbors but problematic cat owners. Ask the right questions.

Check Out the People, Not Just the Cats

Summon up every intuitive ability you have, and while you’re asking questions of the people who have raised the kitten or cat, make sure you’re comfortable with their answers. During consultations, I’ve learned that when I ask questions of owners, they’ll often give me the answer they think I want to hear rather than the truth. I’ve had to sharpen my skill at separating fact from fiction. If anything a breeder or private owner says doesn’t coincide with what you’re seeing, then your antenna should go up. Ask questions and get whatever accurate history is available on the kitten.

When the Cat Chooses You

I’ll bet that if you took a poll among cat house owners, an awesome variety of them would tell you that they hadn’t been searching for a cat, hadn’t planned on one, and perhaps didn’t even care abundant for cats—the feline love of their lives simply walked in. More typically than not, it’s the cats WHO select USA, whether or not they show up at our sill, on the wayside as we tend to take our morning run, or are huddled on the nice and cozy hood of our automotive on a chilly winter night. This is the manner the majority of my cats have get my life.

If a cat seems at your door, before deciding to become his owner, make sure he doesn’t belong to anyone else. Obviously, check for a collar or the other type of identification.Some owners have microchips implanted under the cat’s skin. These chips area unit then scan by a special hand-held scanner. Many shelters and veterinarian clinics have these scanners. Check with your native shelter and also the veterinarians in your space just in case somebody has been looking for a lost cat. Search Craigslist and your native newspaper and take into account inserting an advertisement yourself. Don’t tell everything regarding the cat, though, so you’ll be able to tell who the true owner is. For example, if the cat incorporates a white spot on his back right foot, or is missing a eye tooth, these ar the varieties of facts that solely the true owners would know. You need to take care as a result of there area unit some terribly cruel folks during this world WHO can take a free cat for insensate reasons.

Before keeping the cat WHO appears to possess chosen you, he’ll need to be tested for diseases such as feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus. He should also be vaccinated and dewormed, if necessary.

If the cat WHO chooses you is ferine (a cat WHO has reverted back to the wild and has had no human socialization) as against being a stray (a cat somebody once owned and socialised however has since been on his own for no matter unhappy reason), then the process of becoming his owner is more complicated. A feral cat hasn’t been handled or socialized through contact with humans. These cats can remain mistrustful and distant. They conjointly might not integrate well into households wherever there area unit existing cats while not a decent deal of rehab work and behavior therapy. I don’t mean to advise you from conveyance a ferine into your family however I even have to caution you as a result of it’s not a perfect scenario for the typical person. Ferals need protracted trust-building and a solid behavior therapy arrange. You have to possess the talent and patience required to figure at the cat’s pace. You also need appropriate living conditions for the cat because he’ll initially need to be in a large cage and then eventually housed in one room while you work on trust-building. Ill-equipped owners can be injured by a frightened, defensive feral. The safety of kids within the home should even be thought of furthermore because the safety of existing companion animals. If you don’t assume you have got the abilities to rehabilitate a ferine cat and there’s one (or more) in your space, contact the nearest feline rescue, group. They will have the information concerning whether there are any skilled foster homes that are feral-specific or whether there is a TNR (trap-neuter-release) program near you. If there are not any feline rescue teams in your space then contact your native humane organization.