Pick of the Litter


Rule number one: Don’t let anyone sell or give you a kitten taken away from his mother before he’s ten to twelve weeks of age. Kittens need to be with their mother and also their littermates until that time. This is the time they’re still learning from each other. The playing and posturing kittens do with each other is actually preparing them for adulthood. They’re learning valuable social skills. Kittens taken away from their littermates too early may sometimes have difficulty integrating into multicat households later. They may not have appropriate play skills and can have trouble bonding with companion pets. This isn’t always the case but you need to be informed so you can make the best choice for your family.

Rule number two: A kitten who wasn’t properly socialized may have trouble bonding to humans. The crucial socialization period is between three to seven weeks. It’s at this time that frequent gentle handling by humans help kittens learn to trust and become comfortable around us scary-looking giants.

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