Cats steal the breath from babies.

Cats are aloof.

You must get obviate your cat if you’re pregnant.

Litter boxes always stink.

Cats ruin the furniture.

You can’t train a cat.

If those were true, why would anybody ever need a cat? Unfortunately, folks still pass on this inaccurate and unfair info. The result? Many people WHO may need become cat house owners get afraid off. It’s the cats who are suffering as they still are charged with crimes of that they aren’t guilty. Let’s take a better look into a number of the common misconceptions so you’ll learn the truth from fiction and move with plans to share your life with a cat.

Cats are aloof. We’ve all heard that! In fact, if the majority had to explain cats in one word, aloof would probably be it. And, if you mention aloof, you might as well throw in independent as well. I believe these descriptions return from not suitably making an attempt to check cats to dogs. We think of dogs as social creatures and cats as antisocial, solitary snobs. In truth, a cat is a sociable animal. His social system is made upon his sense of territory and therefore the handiness of a food supply. Cats can and do live happily together. In a free-roaming atmosphere, feminine cats can nurse and take care of every other’s kittens. One reason why cats might are inaccurately labeled as a solitary is as a result of they’re usually seen looking alone. Cats hunt small prey—just enough for one cat. Some cats do but hunt hand and glove still, so there’s always an exception to the rule.

Cats may seem distant to some humans as a result of, as hunters, they take in their entire environment. Sometimes the cat might sit on your lap, enjoying your affectionate stroking, but there are other times when he’d prefer just sitting nearby, relaxed yet ready should any prey come on the scene. Cats are stirred up by even the slightest movement which could indicate potential prey.

How kittens were liberal and whether or not they were handled gently by humans additionally play a job in however giant a private area they need later. Much of however your individual cat’s temperament develops, and whether or not he becomes friendly and sociable versus timid and unfriendly depends on you.

This will teach you how to understand his language and communicate with him so you two can develop a strong, loving bond. If you expect him to try to all of the work then you’ll find yourself with, yes, an aloof, freelance, untrusting cat.

The bottom line: stop scrutiny your cat to a dog, and suddenly you’ll begin noticing his unambiguously terrific traits. Cats don’t seem to be little dogs and, amazingly, that’s a tough conception for a few folks to simply accept. Cats shouldn’t be viewed as acceptable and sociable only when they act “doglike.”

Cats can’t be trained. False! Once again, you just have to stop thinking DOG and start thinking CAT. My approach to training is based on positive reinforcement, understanding what a cat needs, and what he is communicating by his behavior. If I want my cat to stop doing something, I direct her to something better and then reward her when she gets it right. This think like a cat method involves understanding why the cat is behaving a certain way so I can meet those needs in a way that’s acceptable to both of us. This training method is easier, more humane, and much more effective than continually reprimanding your cat for doing things that are instinctually natural to him (such as scratching). So throw out all of those old ideas you’ve had about how cats can’t be trained. It’s easier than you think.

Cats are dangerous if you’re pregnant and cats steal the breath from babies. I really hate these. First of all, if you’re pregnant, there are precautions you should take concerning the litter box. The box could be a serious health risk to your unborn baby, but it doesn’t mean the cat should be tossed out. To get an accurate story. As for that stupid myth about cats stealing the breath from babies, it’s not true, yet it continues to resurface again and again. The theory of many cat experts is that long ago before SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) was identified, cats were blamed for the unexpected death of sleeping babies.Litter boxes always stink. Well, actually a litter box will stink IF YOU DON’T CLEAN IT! As long as you maintain an adequate cleaning schedule, no one will ever have to hold his nose to enter your home.

Cats ruin the furniture. There’s some truth to this statement but only if you neglect to provide him with a scratching post. Now I know some of you reading this are thinking, Well, my neighbor has a scratching post and the cat still ruins the furniture. My answer to that? Wrong post.