What do You need to save yourself contre cat attack?


Cats possess five lethal weapons: a mouth filled with sharp teeth and 4 paws equipped with needle-like claws. this is often an arsenal no right-minded person wants to get on the receiving end of!

Does your cat ever launch at your ankles out of thin air or turn from calm to crazy within the middle of a cuddle session? Does it leave you desperately asking, “Why does my cat attack me?”

Most cat attacks are triggered by events and follow a subtle warning. All you’ve got to try to do is recognize what drives your cat to attack and also spot the signal that it’s close to. We draw on a lifetime’s experience to point out exactly what to seem for.

Your cat might attack you for one among many reasons:

·       It’s a kitten and thinks it’s a game

·       Predatory play

·       Territorial behavior

·       Over-stimulation

·       Medical reasons

·       Something scared it

·       Attention seeking

·       Too much attention

·       Redirected aggression

·       Defensive attacks

·       Idiopathic aggression

When your cat attacks you, it is often an act of redirected aggression. The onslaught may appear to be for no reason, but there’s always a cause and you, on the receiving end, are usually the innocent party.

It’s best to undertake to determine what wound your cat up to avoid being the target of any future outbursts. during this article, we detail a variety of attack triggers and the way they will be avoided. By the top, you ought to skills to prevent a cat attacking you.

There are two things I can’t stress enough – NEVER shout at or punish a cat that attacks you. this may only ever make things worse. it’ll never improve things.

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